The Apps & Tabs Browser Shows Open Tabs in the Overview Page

Not too long ago, Google transformed the recents page into what is now known as the overview page. With this redesign, they started allowing individual Chrome tabs to show up as if it was its own application when you pressed the overview button. This was a much welcomed change for some people, but others felt it cluttered up the page and didn’t like it at all. Google would eventually remove this feature from Chrome entirely since most of the feedback they received was negative.

There are still many who actually enjoyed having their Chrome tabs merged with their applications. As long as you didn’t have dozens of tabs open at the same time, it allowed you to quickly switch to a specific tab from anywhere in the Android OS. These people have been looking for a way to get this feature back, and while there have been solutions implemented since, we have a new browser in the Play Store from the Urbandroid Team studio that offers such functionality. The browser is called Apps & Tabs, and it can be found for free in the Play Store right now.

It’s a browser in and of itself so you’ll have to switch from Chrome, Firefox or whatever browser you currently use in order to regain this functionality. The Apps & Tabs browser works as you would expect it to as well. Opening it up after you install it will take you to by default and from here you can either do a Google search or simply go directly to a website. There’s a new tab button at the top right of the browser so it’s easy to open up a new tab.

Once you have a couple of these open you can then press the overview button in the navigation bar and that will show you each tab you have open will now be displayed as its own card/app. The idea behind Apps & Tabs is executed very well as it looks just like it did back when Chrome had it. Just realize that this is its own browser, so you’ll be losing some functionality as it may not be as feature-packed or proven as the one you currently use.

Source: Google Play Store

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